Sleep is one of your most important
bodily functions

Does this sound like you?


You fall asleep easily but wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep?

You can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling fully rested?

You drink a glass of wine (or two) most nights to help you fall asleep?

You are dependent on some type of over the counter or prescription medication to sleep through the night?

 You are not alone!  Sleep disorders are such a common problem that “sleep medicine” is its own medical subspecialty. Unfortunately this specialty is dominated by the use of pharmaceuticals to manage symptoms instead of identifying the root causes of poor sleep.

 There are currently 17 different pharmaceutical medications available in the U.S. with the indication for insomnia and dozens of additional medications that are used “off label” for insomnia. Many of these medications are controlled substances with a risk of creating dependency (addiction), and an increased risk of cognitive decline. While  they do NOTHING to address the cause. Introducing a foreign substance (like a drug) in and of itself is a stressor to the brain which further impacts sleep. 

The conventional approach is to treat sleep as a stand alone or separate “disease” instead of evidence of a deeper problem within the body. 

Energy Medicine Approach To Insomnia

Humans have three primary drives, to eat, to procreate and to sleep. The energy medicine approach to  health recognizes that the chronic inability to sleep is an end stage clue that one of the three vital systems in the body is malfunctioning. 

Sleep is a really BIG deal!  

Your in-depth energy assessment will identify patterns that are disrupting your vital need for rest and rejuvenation.  This approach to sleep also includes an evaluation of lifestyle influences including diet, exercise,  sleep hygiene, exposure to artificial light, or lack of exposure to sunlight, possible sensitivity to electrical magnetic frequencies and the impact or chronic stress. 

 This approach is not about drugging you, it is about restoring one of your most vital bodily functions.

If you have been experiencing insomnia and are ready to reclaim a refreshing nights sleep, there is a solution.

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