Creating Health Consciously

Every cell in your body is affected by your vibrational frequency.

,Does This Sound Like You?

Have you every felt butterflies in your stomach when you were nervous?

How about  a heaviness in your chest when you were sad?

What about the sensation of feeling paralyzed with fear or dread?

How does this happen?

Scientists have long known that everything we experience in the physical world is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Researchers have recognized for several decades that cellular activity in the human body is influenced by electrical activity. We also know that this electrical current is associated with a corresponding magnetic field.

In addition to emotions impacting blood flow and release of hormones, every emotion (or feeling) that you experience also has a corresponding measurable frequency that impacts cellular activity.

In the words of Carolyn Myss

“Our biography becomes our biology”

Our “stories” or beliefs about who we are and what is possible are intimately involved in the health or disease that we create in our bodies. 

Why does the conventional health care system ignore this reality? Most likely because it adds a layer of complexity to health and disease that is beyond what the system and perhaps even some health care providers themselves can handle.

This more “mysterious” aspect of human health, is either ignored, or left to the domain of spirituality and religion. Thus adding to the compartmentalization of who you are, that is simply not accurate or helpful.

A different approach

When I work with participants I am fully conscious of the truth of who they are. I recognize that even the most pristine diet, perfect exercise routine, and purest supplements are under the influence of the thoughts and emotions impacting the electromagnetic flow between cells.

The body requires electromagnetic energy to function optimally. This is more than mind over matter, or positive thinking. This involves a process of becoming conscious of ones energetic state and learning the tools to intentionally change the quality and quantity of energy available for cellular activity.

Becoming aware of your ability to consciously create health in yourself and learning the tools to utilize this gift, just may be the single most important skill you learn on your path to enjoying optimal health.

If you are ready to create health consciously or are curious about how your beliefs impact your health, there is a solution!

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