We have more medications to treat anxiety symptoms than ever but the number of people suffering from anxiety keeps growing.

Does this sound like you?

You have been prescribed medication for anxiety but found that it made you feel “numb” or sedated?

You want to feel more in control of your emotional well-being but don’t know where to start?

You are willing to make lifestyle changes to improve your life and reduce your dependency on pharmaceuticals? 

In our current health care system, the number of people treated for anxiety has tripled over the past two decades as more anti-anxiety medications have come to market. If these medications worked then anxiety would be a minor problem instead of the growing problem that it is.

Using a pill for anxiety is built on the out-dated belief that anxiety is simply a brain chemistry problem and therefore is best treated with a pharmaceutical that will change brain chemistry.

In the prevailing, “insurance dependent”  model, factors such as diet, digestive function, lifestyle, hormones, and toxins are rarely if ever considered. This is a prime example of the 17 year lag between research findings and application in health care. 

When the average provider visit is 7 minutes long and there is no framework to allow for the necessary investigation and support for root cause resolution, both the patient and the provider suffer. 

For the most part, even if someone is lucky enough to have a more thorough evaluation, a standard exam and blood work will not identify most functional imbalances because they do not necessarily fall into the “disease” state reference ranges.

Talk therapy can be helpful but also has its limitations because much of the anxiety can be coming from the unconscious mind and talk therapy typically can only access the conscious mind.

If you are ready to identify the root cause (or causes) of your anxiety, we can help. There is a solution.

 A different approach to anxiety

Using the “root cause” approach to  your symptoms we view anxiety as an “indicator” light in your system.  Evidence that your energy is not flowing optimally. It is quite common for energy patterns to become distorted due to personal or trans generational trauma.  Knowing the narrative around the trauma is not necessary.

Recognizing that the experience of “anxiety” is simply blocked or distorted energy is the first step.  Getting curious about what is happening in your body and paying close attention will guide you to where you need to go.  Combining ancient wisdom techniques with tools of modern science, you will learn how to do this self-inquiry and begin to enjoy life again.  This not only eliminates anxiety, it frees up energy to be used productively.   

 Body focused tools to access the roots of anxiety in the unconscious mind may include, breath work, meditation, biofeedback, yoga, tapping, journaling and  plant medicine among other resources.  

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